Cesenatico Entertainments

Pubs, clubs and discos in Cesenatico:
Romagna has always been a dance place: discovers the best locals in cesenatico!

Cesenatico Entertainments Cesenatico Entertainments

Entertainments in Cesenatico

Vai col Liscio!

Romagna has always been a dance place! Liscio, mazurca are our folkloric dance and there is a plenty of “balere”, discos where old and young amuse themeselves listening and dancing at the rhythm of the sweet melody of this music. We suggest you “Besame” disco club.

Latin Music

Cesenatico has been choosen to host an international event "Cesenatico Ritmo Latino", every year. we suggest to dance latin music MangiaNote in Cesena and Besame.


The land of clubs and music you just have to decide which fits you most!!!

Pubs & Bars

Il Caffé degli Artisti, downtown, is the meeting point for all the Bikers. We suggest also Entrance to Exit, charming pubs and Dragon Fly Disco Bar.